The best
of two worlds

ARROWS International combines the advantages of local businesses with those of cross-border overlaps. All ARROWS International members are experts in legal and business environments in their countries and have an in-depth understanding of local markets and trends. Our members provide the clients with top advisory services on a global level, enriched by new perspectives, shared know-how and breadth of geographical reach.



We provide high-quality legal advisory and representation in a wide range of legal fields. The expertise of our lawyers together with years of experience allows us to be ahead of the pack and to help various corporations, production and service companies, governments, banks, real estate or financial funds, expanding investors, start-ups, and many other clients with their diverse needs and requests. Old-school as it may sound, a client is our master, and we are here to be relied upon.

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Tax & accounting

We understand that business is all about an efficient use of money. Bearing this in mind, we provide our clients with legal assistance and economic advice in financial matters, taxes, levies, fees and other compulsory payments. We perform tax optimization to minimize our client´s liability obligations and set up tax efficient structures for M&A transactions and other types of company restructurings. Furthermore, we assist our clients with the purchase, investment or transfer of shares or related participations of a business corporation. We support our clients with expert opinions regarding tax-related inquiries such as fillings of tax returns, processing complaints, objections or appeals against decisions of tax authorities and continuous tax advisory.



Vojtěch Sucharda


Jakub Dohnal


Lukáš Slanina

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