Interview from Poland: TOMASZ KURPISZ

When I met Tomasz for the first time, he seemed like that type of professional who waits for the others to speak, and then with dropping a word or two only, he casually solves the issue completely.

Interview from Poland : Tomasz Kurpisz

I was not wrong. Cool and laid back as he may seem, Tomasz is a great professional and a keen negotiator. Specialized mainly in business law and M&A, he constantly looks for new challenges to come and eventually be overcome. That is why after setting up his law firm Kurpisz & Ziobrowski he steers his company to the waters of Arrows International. As such, when I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions, I did not hesitate.


Q: How did you choose to become a lawyer? Has it always been your dream-job?

As a teenager I was fascinated by John Grisham novels, especially The Firm and law-related movies – The Devil’s Advocate, A Time To Kill, The Pelican Brief. I suppose that those things made me decide to become a lawyer.


Q: Did the reality meet your expectations? What do you like and dislike about law?

It is difficult to make such a distinction. As any other job, being a lawyer has lots of advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion it is mostly your attitude that decides about which one will prevail. I must say, however, that I extremely enjoy participating in legal/business negotiations as it clearly proves whether you are sharp-minded and canny.


Q: Being a good negotiator is a clear asset for a lawyer. As well as a deep knowledge of several practice areas. What is an overal specialization of your law firm?

Our company main specializations are commercial and tax law. Obviously, we provide legal services regarding other fields such as civil, labour or aviation law; however we present ourselves as business lawyers therefore above-mentioned specialization are our main areas of expertise. We have conducted dozens of M&A transactions, we have advised investment funds and executed many transformation and division processes. We always provide our clients with comprehensive, tailor-made tax and legal solutions.


Q: How do you handle obstacles in life? Do you use the same approach as in your business?

I believe that if there is a will, there is a way. There are no obstacles that cannot be overcome.


Q: This is an attitude you can take use of in sports, too. Are you a sportsman?

Yes, I am. I spend a lot of time playing tennis and squash. I am also a passionately keen skier. When it comes to other hobbies, I am also a huge fan of travelling.


Q: Many people love travelling but not everyone can bring their businesses on a global level. What attracted you to the idea of setting up an international legal network?

Infinite business opportunities and possibility to meet fascinating people. Additionally, it is also a matter of personal ambition to become a part of international organization.


Q: What potential do you see in the international network? What is the biggest advantage of the project?

As there are no borders within the EU and the world became a “global village“, more and more clients require legal and tax advisory from different jurisdictions. It is extremely helpful if you can contact trusted partners and provide your client with expected services. The biggest potential from Arrows International perspective is that all the members of the group are operating on emerging markets of CEE. I believe that shortly a huge business potential of this particular region will be discovered by many companies.


Q: In terms of a value, you are one of the most successful members so far who managed to provide their business partners with many business opportunities. How did you manage to do so?

I put emphasis on a networking and solid client-lawyer relations. We try to be with our clients from the very beginning (if possible) or provide them not only with legal and tax advisory but also with newly created business opportunities. Such an attitude gains us their trust. Subsequently, they are willing to operate not only with us but also with our partners.


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